What is there to know about me except that I am very passionate about web development and UI design. Check out my resume to find out all the small details of where I worked, my skills, and education.

Instead of boring you with the stories of my life, I would like to brief you ahead of time on the process your project will under-go when you decide to hire me.

Information Gathering

It is very important for me to find out as much as I possibly can about your company, this is why I will be working really closely with you at this stage of the project. Your ideas and input matter the most! No one knows your business like you do.


This is my creative process. At this point I will have enough information to start dreaming about your future site/project. It is also where most if not all of the research on design and development of your project is done. By the end of this stage, I will have a general idea of how your site should look like and what technologies will be used to realize the dream.


Realizing the dream is the part where we work together to determine what is the realistic and best approach we should take with the project/site. I will provide you with a detailed report and breakdown of everything to be included to make this project a success.


Looking at my breakdown you might find something that might not apply to you or there is no need for implementation at this point or even that the price is not in your budget. No worries! I will assess your concerns and will compose a new breakdown to better fit your needs. I will work with you to create the right price to fit your budget.


Development commences. Depending on the duration of the stages above, development takes at least two weeks.


All files will be uploaded to your server of choice.


Why work with me?

  • I create clutterless, fresh websites and applications always puting the user experience first.
  • I use the latest web technologies and services to produce cost-effective solutions.
  • I will provide you with all the help I can give to realize and develop your ideas.